Acoustic Booths

acoustic boothsAcoustic Booths from NoiseAir

Our acoustic booths are suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial uses and supplied in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations whilst also benefiting from a high degree of sound insulation.

Manufactured using modular steel acoustic panels our booths provide a modern acoustically controlled environment for whatever the use and application.

Furthermore the ‘room in a room’ design not only provides a fully isolated and sealed acoustic room but also proven lab tested noise insulation quality, hence resulting in a more effective and reliable method of sound insulation.

So if you are looking for a cost effective noise control solution with excellent soundproof insulation then please contact us on 0116 2725908 or complete our inquiry form for a free quotation.

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Features – Acoustic Booths

  • Modular steel panel construction
  • Excellent acoustic insulation
  • Up to 55dB Rw lab test soundproof performance
  • No conventional building work required
  • ‘Room in a room’ construction
  • White, pre-painted steel external finish
  • Perforated steel inner face
  • Flush joint system
  • De mountable construction – easily dissembled and reassembled
  • Manufactured in the UK


Using our modular steel paneled system our soundproofed booths are manufactured at our Leicestershire based factory then delivered to you in flat-pack form and then constructed on-site with minimal disruption to your working day… great for when you’ve still got a busy hospital clinic, music lessons or hectic factory schedule to maintain.  Our acoustic booths and rooms are available in standard sizes, but having our own manufacturing unit means that we can easily design our booths around your preferred sizes and the majority are in fact manufactured bespoke to customer requirements all over the UK.

Optional extras are available on all Acoustic Booth designs

  • Acoustic flooring systems : floating floors
  • Insulated Ceilings
  • Acoustic Windows & Doors
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Remedial works – Electrical – Lighting etc.

So, if you’re looking for a little peace and quiet… either by isolating noise from break-out  whilst practicing your favourite musical instrument, or noise break-in when conducting hearing tests or wanting to protect your workforce from factory noise then our insulated booths will provide a practical and flexible acoustic solution.

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