Acoustic Blankets & Curtains for Noise Control

Acoustic Blanket : Quilt : Curtain – for a wide variety of applications


Are you looking for an effective, low-cost noise barrier?

Whatever the application, whether for industrial purposes, an acoustic screen wrapping around a 5-a-side football pitch or for lining out a studio wall, we can offer a whole range of noise dampening blankets of varying density and acoustic performance to suit your requirements… and also your budget! Contact us now on 0116 2725908  and speak to one of our noise experts now!

Music & Media – Acoustic Wall Lining

Features & Benefits 

  • Highly decorative
  • Industrial quality
  • Choice of fabric ranges over 80 colours
  • High degree of absorption and acoustic transmission 
  • Fire resistant coated fabric facing
  • Supplied to bespoke customer sizes
  • Also available with a coated waterproof finish and class 0 fire rating
  • Site surveys & design service available with acoustic report 


  • Dimensions: 1150 mm wide – Length up to 10 meters 
  • Thickness: 25 mm
  • Sound coefficient of 1.00 at 500 Hz
  • Colour choice 80+



Industrial, Demolition & Sports Areas – Screens : Enclosures : Lagging


Features & Benefits

  • Flexible & durable to isolate any noisy area
  • Industrial Quality
  • Fire rated – also available with fire resistant class 0 covering
  • All edges bound and sewn
  • Hygienic  version available
  • Can be hung from fencing, scaffold structure or similar
  • Bespoke sizes/manufacture to customer requirement 
  • Can be co-joined on site to cover a large area
  • Various fixings available i.e. eyelets, Velcro etc.
  • Company Logo can be added
  • Available in 3 densities dependent upon the level of attenuation required
  • Site surveys & design service available with acoustic report 


  • Dimensions: 2.00 x 1.2m standard size – can be made up to 5 m long
  • Standard colours available: Grey, Black, Green, White & Blue. Other colours available


Thinking about building your own Acoustic Enclosure? Follow the link to find out how easy it was for one of our clients to do just that! How to make a simple Acoustic Enclosure



 What our clients say…

Mr Jack Griffiths, Site Services Manager, MWH Construction Ltd  “With only the first stage of acoustic treatment completed by NoiseAir there has been no complaints.  It pays to employ experts to treat noise at source, more cost effective, less hassle.

Need additional information on soundproof curtains? … so call us now on 0116 2725908 for a quotation or just complete the contact form over on the right and we’ll get back to you shortly.

We also supply a full range of steel paneled acoustic screens for a more permanent or where maximum soundproofing insulation is required.

*We would always recommend an acoustic survey to be carried out on site to establish the exact noise insulation requirements as to the suitability of any products recommended. We also offer this service and would be happy to advise further or provide a quotation for noise testing.



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