Acoustic Screens

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Acoustic Screens… often used when it is not practical to fully enclose a specific area or a noisy machine with a full noise enclosure. Supplied using modular absorptive panels our acoustic screens can be built in-situ to any length or height* providing good soundproof insulation properties.

We will also incorporate acoustic doors and windows into the barrier design and suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.

Don’t need a full Acoustic Enclosure? No problem!

Sometimes it may not always be necessary to employ a full acoustic enclosure, or it may not be practical, for whatever reason. However,  we provide a range of acoustic screens for both indoor or outdoor projects and we would be happy to discuss your project with you. We offer free advice and our engineers operate throughout the UK. Call us now on 0116 2725908 to discuss your requirement.

We also offer Acoustic Curtains and Industrial Sound Blankets suitable for many indoor or outdoor applications such as building sites, demolition sites, or as a noise screen for heavy plant & machinery. 
*height subject to design criteria

Acoustic Screens can be used for

  • Noise barriers – traffic, railway and aircraft noise
  • Industrial plant and machinery – noise screens or semi enclosures
  • Acoustic screening for offices and commercial buildings
  • Parameter acoustic screens – car parks, traffic depots etc
  • Demolition and building sites
  • Sports venues


Manufactured Using Modular Acoustic Panels

Our range of acoustic screens and noise barriers are manufactured in modular acoustic panel form, using quality soundproofing materials, hence giving proven acoustic insulation and additionally with an added benefit of being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our Acoustic Consultants have a broad knowledge and experience in all areas of industrial acoustics and will always give ‘jargon-free’ advice, offering you the most practical, cost-effective  sound reduction systems.


Installing an Acoustic Screen will provide:

  • High acoustic performance – typically up to 53dB.
  • A cost effective noise reduction solution – Practical Design.
  • Fire class properties, strong, durable acoustic panels.
  • External – Weather Proof Properties.
  • Easy Modular Construction In-situ.
  • Suitable Indoor/Outdoor Applications.
  • Easy to dissemble, reassemble or relocate.
  • Minimum Maintenance & Easily Cleaned.


Acoustic Screens & Barriers – External

Our external acoustic screens and barriers are suitable for many applications and are manufactured using robust and weatherproof steel panels and constructed to virtually any size, height or configuration. It may also be necessary to incorporate a structural steel support system designed to suit height load bearing or environmental conditions. Our acoustic screens may be constructed as either a permanent fixture or a temporary measure, often used during a demolition/rebuild project.


Acoustic Screens & Barriers – Internal

Often used where requirements for noise control is less stringent or it is not practical to fully enclose a specific machine or area, the modular panel construction again lends itself to speedy on-site construction thus minimising machine down time and loss of production. Where necessary, our internal screens are designed to incorporate inspection panels, windows or doors to enable access or periodic maintenance.


Steel modular paneled System – Noise Barrier solutions

Used for both indoor and outdoor applications this flexible insulated panel design provides a cost effective noise barrier. The rigid modular construction is widely used for many applications including:

  • Internal screening: factories, workshops or offices,
  • Outdoor : Noise reduction panels for traffic noise, chiller/generator noise containment, for demolition site acoustic screening or soundproofing for walls.

The panels are self supporting up to a height of 6 meters and can often be assembled without the need for additional structural framework. We supply a range of panels differing in many respects but all offer lab tested noise reduction properties. A standard panel (one side perforated) giving typical airborne sound insulation figures as follows:

  • 50mm thick – 34dB
  • 80mm thick – 36dB
  • 100mm thick – 37dB

We offer a full turn-key service or supply only to be installed by others.

Contact us for full panel specifications… available upon request.

Please contact us on 0116 272 5908 for further information or if you would like to discuss the overall feasibility of your project, we are always happy to help.