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Case Study

Noise Monitor | Call Center Offices in Birmingham | Building Refurbishment

Noiseair was commissioned by a large property management company based in Manchester to monitor any potential noise emanating whilst building works was being carried out in a high rise commercial property located in Birmingham. Maintaining noise levels below a non disruptive level for existing workers was a prerequisite of our clients refurbishment contract.

The top floor of the building was  home to a busy call center and it was paramount that during the building work on the floors below to keep the noise levels to a minimum as not to disrupt the day to day work in the call center.

Our brief was to monitor and record  sound levels over several floors from noise being generated by a team of several builders using hand tools such as drills, saws etc. and confirm that noise breakout would be maintained to a minimum and to acceptable noise levels.

Upon completion of our noise monitoring Noiseair issued a concise report to our client noting noise levels and our recommendations and mitigation measures to maintain noise to a minimum.


noise monitor birmingham

Noise Assessment carried out in Birmingham – NoiseAir Ltd

Noise Monitor Birmingham