Noise Reducing Fence

noise reducing fence

Acoustic Fencing installed in Leicestershire to reduce traffic noise – NoiseAir Ltd

Noise Reducing Fence – We supply quality Acoustic Fencing for all commercial and domestic applications.  Contact us on 0116 2725908 and talk to an Acoustic Consultant now.


  • Excellent noise reducing properties of up to 30dB
  • Durable timber structure incorporating acoustic infill
  • Manufactured in standard panel or bespoke
  • Airtight for acoustic performance


  • Reducing  traffic noise from that busy road
  • As a noise barrier between you and your noisy neighbours
  • Reducing noise nuisance from school playgrounds and parks
  • Noise reduction from sports areas and playing fields, i.e football pitches and tennis courts

Noise reducing fencing could typically achieve a noise reduction of up to 30 dB which would make quite a considerable difference, however this would depend on the surrounding geographical conditions to your garden, for example, if you have a noisy road nearby which is causing you a problem with traffic noise then it would depend on the distance from your garden to the road and generally the further away the noise source is from the receiver the higher the fence requirement.

Calculating the height of the fence and its criteria is not straight forward and we would strongly recommend an acoustic survey to be carried out prior to installation, read more about our acoustic surveys specifically for fencing here.

We carry out noise testing throughout the UK and would be happy to discuss your requirements, so call us if you have any questions or you would like to discuss things further.

Noise reducing fence