Noise Risk Assessment Coventry

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Noise Risk Assessment – Coventry, Warwickshire

Noise Risk Assessment – Coventry

Noise In The Workplace

  • Survey Type – Noise Risk Assessment in the Workplace
  • Business Sector – Metal Fabrication Finishes
  • Number of Employees – 25+
  • Regulatory Body – Health & Safety Executive (HSE) – The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005


Case Study – November 2017

NoiseAir was recently employed to carry out a Noise Risk Assessment in the workplace for an engineering manufacturing  business located  in Coventry, Warwickshire. Our client was a local metal finishing fabrication works, employing approximately 25 staff .  Machinery used within the factory was of the typical type engineering plant, both large and small units.

Our onsite visit enabled us to take noise readings throughout the factory and also to assess each individual employee and the working role undertaken on an average working day over the prescribed time frame.

We always endeavor to  carry out our noise assessments with a view to causing minimal disruption or loss of production to the working day.

Upon completion of the noise survey a full and concise report was issued to our client within 7 days, the report included both an analysis of noise levels and any recommendations and mitigation measures as required.

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