Soundproofing for Music Studios

soundproofing for music studios

Soundproofing for Music Studios

Soundproofing for Music Studios – We get hundreds of inquiries regarding soundproofing for music studios and many times relating to clients having existing studios that are not performing as they should acoustically… a typical example

‘We have 5 purpose built rehearsal studios. All the rooms are next to each other but we currently have sound bleed between each room which we are looking to minimise”

We understand just how frustrating (and costly to put right) this can be and this is the reason that it is vitally important to get the acoustic specification right… at the design stage.


Traditional Stud Walls Compared With An isolated Acoustic Booth

There are 2 options when embarking on a studio build and both equally as important to get the acoustic insulation right – first time!


Option 1

Is the traditional method of applying acoustic materials to an existing room by installing

  • A stud wall system with acoustic sandwich infill
  • An acoustic ceiling & floor
  • Sealed door and window system

As already mentioned when choosing this method, it is vital to use the correctly specified materials. You will need to identify the insulation properties of the products used and the levels of the noise source generated. Guessing what your requirements are can be very costly when looking to rectify.


Option 2

A ‘room in a room’ A fully sealed acoustic booth that can be installed into an existing room offering

  • An isolated acoustic room
  • A  lab-tested acoustic panel system
  • Incorporating walls, ceiling, door, windows and optional floor
  • No conventional builders work
  • Can be removed and reinstalled or added to as required
  • Can be easily installed by competent DIY’s


The costs compared

Surprisingly when taking all into account, the cost of soundproofing by the traditional stud wall method or by installing a ‘room within a room’ are almost the same. Whichever method you may wish to choose is OK but we would emphasise that unfortunately any form of soundproofing does come with a relative cost if it is to be effective.