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noiseair acoustic consultantsAcoustic Consultants : Noise Control Engineers

Members of The Institute of Acoustics

NoiseAir Consultants are specialist Noise Control and Air Movement Engineers  providing a professional service for the supply & manufacture of Acoustic Enclosures, Audiology Rooms & Booths, Soundproofed Recording Studios, Music Practice Rooms and Industrial Ventilation Systems.

We also offer a range of consultancy services and undertake noise testing and surveys throughout the UK. Please scroll down the page and follow the links to discover more about our services.

With over 25 years experience in the design, manufacture & installation of Noise Control & Ventilation Services and as an independent Acoustic Practice we work alongside our partner manufacturers in each specialist field of engineering becoming one of the UK’s leading and trusted suppliers of:

Noise Control Manufacturing Services

Acoustic Consultancy Services

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