Acoustic Baffles and Absorbers

Acoustic baffles, acoustic absorbers

Acoustic Baffles

Acoustic Baffles are used to absorb unwanted noise in buildings and can either be suspended from a ceiling or can be wall mounted. A baffle can be applied to internal walls or ceilings in noise mitigation to help absorb and minimise reverberation and noise pollution. We supply a range of acoustic baffles for different applications which are typically rated class A.

An excellent sound absorber for

  • Churches & Church Halls
  • Theatres & Concert Halls
  • Sports Halls & Gyms
  • Factories, Warehouses & Offices
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Restaurants
  • Classrooms

Acoustic suspended panels offer

  • High acoustic absorption
  • Help reduce background noise levels
  • Help to reduce reverberence
  • Quick and easy installation

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