Acoustic Blanket Curtains Coventry

Acoustic Blanket Curtains Coventry

Acoustic Blanket Curtains Coventry – Acoustic blankets offer a flexible and effective soundproofing solution for a wide selection of projects and applications. Acoustic blankets are easy to install, used to cover any size or configuration and are cost effective. The modular panels can be affixed to a solid wall or can be hung from a suitable structure.

We offer a range of industrial blankets/curtains, dependent on the application and soundproofing level needed. From our baseline lightweight acoustic panel to our heavy duty NC6 blankets, which provide an extra mass layer giving optimum insulation and offer independent lab test results.

Our range of noise reducing blankets can be typically used for:

  • Industrial enclosures and acoustic screens in noisy areas
  • Building and demolition sites where a temporary noise screen is needed
  • Studios and music practice rooms to acoustically line existing walls
  • Sports/MUGA pitches to help reduce general noise, ball impact etc
  • Acoustic Fencing – can be fixed onto to an ordinary fence panel providing a soundproofing layer

NoiseAir are an established UK supplier of acoustic materials. Our technical team are all qualified and Members of The Institute of Acoustics

If you would like to discuss your project with one of our technical team then please call us on 0116 2725908 and we’ll be happy to help. We have offices in Leicestershire, Cheshire and Shropshire and supply throughout the UK.

Please note… this product is heavy duty and of an industrial nature and not suitable for domestic type curtains.


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