Air Quality Testing London

Air Quality Testing London

Do you need an Air Quality Assessment in London?

Air Quality Testing London – We offer Air Quality Assessments which are often required when applying for planning approval. The need for an assessment varies and depends on the proposed development and on the location and will be requested by your local planning authority.

Considerations for undertaking an Air Quality Test may include:

  • Increased traffic volume affected from the proposed development
  • Activities from the proposed development that may introduce new air pollution sources i.e extraction systems, chimneys, furnaces etc
  • Existing sources of air pollution
  • Construction site dust emissions


The extent of the assessment will be determined by the size of the proposed development and also the location. Typically a desk-study assessment may be adequate to satisfy a planning application but sometimes on-site air sampling may be requested by the authority.

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We are also established Acoustic Consultants and provide Noise Assessments for all applications – follow this link for further information.

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