Air Quality Testing Oxford

Air Quality Testing Oxford

Air Quality Testing OxfordWe provide Air Quality Assessments and reports for planning purposes in the Oxford area and throughout the UK.

Air quality is a major consideration when embarking on a new building development for residential, industrial, retail or commercial premises  in many of our towns and cities, as part of the planning process you may be asked to submit an air quality assessment report.

The Air Quality Assessment would be undertaken in accordance with national, regional or local authority guidance. Your planning authority will normally give you clear guidance to what testing should be carried out, or we can do that on your behalf upon request.

The Air Quality Test can be undertaken as a desk-based modelling study using historical data, or static on-site monitoring stations may be installed over a period of weeks, dependent on requirements.

The Air Quality Assessment will cover four main elements which are:

  • Baseline – an evaluation of baseline air quality
  • Construction Phase – the assessment of potential air quality impact during construction phase
  • operational Phase – The assessment of potential air quality impact during the operational phase
  • Mitigation – To identify and recommend mitigation measures in accordance with guidance

Upon completion of the assessment we will provide a comprehensive report for planning submission.

If you would like further advice or would like to discuss your project with our technical team, please call us on 0116 2725908 or complete the enquiry form.



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