Heavy Duty Acoustic Blanket Noise Screen

How does our NC6 Acoustic Blanket differ from others on the market? Being laboratory tested, our mass enhanced NC6 acoustic blankets offer excellent sound reduction. Incorporating a high density – mass enhanced infill layer for added noise insulation, this product provides an excellent acoustic solution for both permanent and temporary applications. Widely used on construction sites or around noisy plant & machinery these modular blankets are easily affixed to a scaffold or  a ‘Heras’ type structure.


Heavy Duty Acoustic Blanket Noise Screens – An effective alternative to a steel acoustic screen when you are looking for a low cost comparison. Our NC6 is lab tested and offers excellent noise reduction. Available in a variety of colours, with added Logo available, this acoustic blanket is simple to affix to a scaffold or similar structure.  Widely used on construction sites, in the workplace to encompass a noisy machine or to fully or partially enclose a MUGGA/Sports pitch… the use of this versatile and robust product is endless.

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