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A soundproofed ‘room in a room’ home studio showing BEFORE and AFTER installation shots in Central London apartment. Noise levels were minimised to an acceptable level to adjoining residents using modular acoustic panels | no messy building work | easy construction | NoiseAir Ltd

A Home Music Studio – Install an isolated ‘room within a room’… Soundproofing made simple

Home Music Studios can be the perfect retreat… but we all have to consider our neighbours when practicing with the average rock band! With noise levels often exceeding 100 Db it may not be ideal to be playing in an ordinary, untreated room. Acoustic insulation needed for such high noise levels  isn’t sometimes easy to achieve but it can be possible with a well designed acoustic room!

Building a home music studio… Some FAQ’s

  • Can I soundproof existing walls?
  • What are the best soundproofing materials?
  • Can I purchase a soundproofing mat?
  • How do I soundproof a ceiling?
  • Should I use a soundproof underlay material on my studio floor?


In reply ~ All of the above questions are relevant!… but the benefit of installing our ‘room within a room’ design is that all parameters of acoustic design will already be taken care of in one!… the walls, acoustic ceiling tiles, acoustic door and soundproofed window will all be incorporated within one modular acoustic room!

*An acoustic floor can added as an optional extra, as clients may prefer to purchase a soundproofing mat to cover the floor area, as recommended for low frequency noise such as bass or drums.

Your new home music studio can be easily installed within an existing room or building shell, for example, a spare room, garage or shed. 

Our finished  home music studio kit will be fully isolated from any existing room structure… a ‘room in a room’  giving optimum acoustic insulation. Our home studios are a popular choice with our clients for piano practice, saxophone, drums, guitar and many other musical instruments.

Install a ‘room in a room’… the simple & economical preferred choice in modern studio design

To find out how we can help you to install a purpose built home studio in your home just contact us on 0116 2725908… Our rooms are modular in design which means they’re constructed on site and having a unique clip-joint fixing gives the benefit of no conventional builders work being required.

We offer bespoke sizes and installation or supply only.

Home studio installed in central London

One of our clients wanted an acoustic room within an apartment block in central London to practice the harp… without disturbing the neighbours!

The finished studio room below shows the fully isolated ‘room in a room’ studio design manufactured using modular acoustic panels and also incorporating acoustic windows and door giving a high degree of soundproofing so not to disturb neighbouring residents in adjoining flats.



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