How much does a noise survey cost

How much does a Noise Survey cost? This depends wholly on the type of noise survey and what you need. We cannot generalise unfortunately as there are too many varying factors. However, we will always take the most practical approach and endeavor  to  give our clients a fair cost and value for money.

We always give a firm quotation and fixed cost – with no added extras (based on information provided)

In many cases,  such as an environmental noise impact test, noise monitoring can typically take place over a 2- 5 day period. Each survey is different and calls for varying factors to be considered… i.e.  day time, night time or weekend noise monitoring may be required or a combination of all. Usually after a quick chat with our client, or the local Environmental Health Officer (EHO) we can soon establish your requirement and are able to offer a fixed price costing. Our surveys may be manned or unmanned, or both, again dependent upon the requirement.

Get a quote for an Environmental Noise Assessment

To request a quote for an environmental impact assessment, BS 4142, BS 8233  for planning approval, noise nuisance etc please complete our contact form including the following information.

  • A brief description of what you require
  • Site location (and a site plan if you have one)
  • What is proposed for the site i.e. housing, conversion or new plant or machinery

Get a quote for a Noise Risk Assessment (Noise at Work Regulations 2005)

To request a quote for a noise risk assessment in the workplace (Noise at Work Regulations 2005) please complete our contact form including the following information

  • A brief description of the type of work you carry out.. i.e printing works, engineering, machine shop etc
  • How many employees you have subject to noisy areas.
  • Your site location

An Acoustic Report is included with all surveys which will include

  • General Summary
  • Noise readings and analytical data subject to the agreed specifications
  • Recommendations/mitigation measures as required