How to make a simple acoustic enclosure

You can make a simple Acoustic Enclosure by constructing a timber structure and lining it out with a soundproofing membrane… want to know more?

How to make a simple acoustic enclosure? Sometimes it is not always possible, for various reasons, to go down the conventional route of enclosing a noisy machine by installing a bespoke manufactured steel enclosure and some of our clients have constructed a basic enclosure, using wood or a suitable material, and have lined it all out with our highly absorptive Acoustic Blanket. Although this will not offer entirely the same degree of acoustic insulation as a fully enclosed steel paneled enclosure it can be more cost effective alternative.

A client recently contacted us as they were looking for a solution to a noisy Woodworking Moulding Machine in the factory  and they preferred  to construct their own enclosure using timber and adding a propriety acoustic lining. We were able to recommend our NA10 range of Acoustic Blanket,  this not only offered a high degree of acoustic insulation but also very easy to fix using studding and specialist adhesive provided.

On completion our client  was very satisfied that the noise had reduced quite significantly and had achieved around a 10dB noise reduction.

Please contact us if you would like specialist advice on how you can construct your own cost effective acoustic enclosure… our advice is free and we’d be happy to help! 

What our clients say… ”All done and sounds loads better…thank you for your help & advice… great service”  ~ Simon Marks – SJ Timber Ltd



how to make an acoustic enclosure

Acoustic Blanket Material – used to make a simple acoustic enclosure

  • for best results we would always recommend an initial acoustic survey to confirm exact noise requirements

How to make a simple acoustic enclosure