Industrial Ventilation Systems

industrial ventilation systems

Industrial Ventilation – Design : Manufacture : Installation

Industrial & Commercial Ventilation Systems

Industrial Ventilation – We supply all types of ventilation systems for industrial and commercial use…  Factories, Warehouses, Offices, Restaurants, Garages, and Nightclubs

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  • Industrial roof fans
  • Flat roof ventilation
  • Mechanical ventilation systems
  • Industrial extractor hoods
  • Welding Fume Ventilation
  • Positive & negative pressure ventilation systems
  • Passive Industrial ventilation systems
  • Industrial Stack ventilation
  • Commercial kitchen ventilation systems
  • Commercial extractor fans
  • Ducted ventilation

Our engineers have many years experience of calculating the required fans and ducted systems necessary to achieve good quality ventilation which will improve working conditions. In many cases the simple introduction of fresh air cools the factory to an acceptable level without the necessity of a bespoke cooling system.

Our range of extract fans are designed for maximum waste heat and fume discharge with low noise operation which is a critical design point in selecting your ventilation requirements. One of our designs also incorporates temperature controlled fan units achieving the benefit that only required fans would operate to achieve the desired ventilation conditions, this reduces running costs with low maintenance.

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We supply

  • Roof and wall mounted extract fans designed and installed in all sizes and capacities
  • Roof industrial ventilation systems for factories, restaurants, warehouses etc.
  • Roof louvers for economical and virtually cost free ‘green’ ventilation electrically and pneumatically operated
  • Ducted ventilation units and systems designed in house or manufactured and installed to your drawings
  • Industrial fans to suit your application, axial, bifurcated and centrifugal
  • Ambient fresh air input units
  • Air handling systems to suit your application including cooled, heated, filtered or recirculated


New Regulations 2019 for Welding Fume Extraction – Are you compliant?

Please follow the link below for more information

Welding Fume Regulations February 2019


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