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Music Studio design & build Birmingham

Music Studio Design & Build Birmingham


Professional Music Studios – A ‘Room within a Room’

What is a Room within a Room?

A ‘Room in a Room’ is a modular construction, incorporating walls, ceiling, door, window and floor (if required) which is built within an existing structure and is fully isolated, creating a soundproofed ‘pod’. A ‘room in a room’ is an effective way of reducing noise from both the inside to outside or outside to inside accordingly.

Our modular designed studios and music practice rooms provide high specification acoustic performance and with over 30 years experience in acoustic engineering we offer a professional turn-key service, from initial studio design, through to manufacture and installation of quality acoustic studios and music practice rooms.

From a single acoustic booth to a multi-roomed studio suite, we have a system to suit every need. Our rooms are typically  designed using a 50mm single panel system, however, for maximum noise suppression we also offer a 100mm panel or a double walled studio design.

There are several factors to consider when installing a recording studio or music practice room, although we can provide lab-tested panel specifications,  many other factors may vary considerably.  This may include:

  • The sound insulation of the existing ‘host’ room structure
  • Location of music studio
  • The sound source and noise suppression required
  • Environmental and potential affect on neighbouring property


We would always recommend that an acoustic assessment is carried out to confirm individual requirements. Noiseair offer full consultancy services and are Members of The Institute of Acoustics


Home Studios

Our home studios are manufactured using exactly the same propiertary acoustic panels as described above, giving the same noise suppression. We have many satisfied clients througout the UK either installing our studios within a garden room or a spare room in the house.

Wherever possible, we are always happy to arrange for our clients to visit any previous local customers to help them get a clear picture of what they they will get, (although sometimes due to data protection etc. this is unfortunately beyond our control).


From one of our clients


”I visited Ian on Sunday to check out the room you did for him.

The effect of the room is startling!

Ian put on some Black Sabbath and cranked it up to over 100dB and from outside the room it just sounded like someone was watching a quiet TV!

Suffice to say that I have goosebumps in anticipation for my room!”

          Rob Gill – Leicester (February 2020)


The acoustic panel design for this client was our 50mm, single wall system installed into a garage space.


The Modular Panelled System – The Benefits

  • We only manufacture using a proprietary lab-tested acoustic panel system
  • Delivered to site in modular form – easy on-site construction
  • Clip joint fixings – no conventional builders work
  • No interference to existing room structure
  • All steel panels – strong & durable
  • Single or double walled available
  • Easily dismantled, relocated or extended, as required
  • Choice of aesthetic internal wall coverings available



If you would like to speak to one of our technical engineers please call us on 0116 2725908 or complete our  on line enquiry form leaving your details along with brief requirements.


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