Noise assessment – stratford upon avon

noise assessment stratford upon avon

Noise Assessment – Stratford Upon Avon – Air Conditioning Plant

Noise Assessment to Air Conditioning Plant – Stratford upon Avon – Warwickshire – West Midlands

Noise assessment Stratford Upon Avon – NoiseAir recently carried out a noise assessment in Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire for a local company of architects. The noise assessment was carried out using BS4142 specification. Noise logging was undertaken over  a few days after which noise levels were recorded and analysed. A full noise report followed.

Do you need to carry out a noise assessment?  We offer noise surveys and assessments for all applications including Occupational Noise at Work Risk assessments (Noise at Work Regulations), Environmental Noise Surveys, BS4142 noise assessments for industrial noise issues, BS8233 noise assessments for residential property development and planning approval & noise monitoring for public events such as festivals and sporting events.

Noise assessment Stratford upon Avon