Noise Assessments for Planning

noise assessments


Noise assessments and an acoustic report will often be required when submitting a planning application to the local council. Your local planning department  will normally inform you of the type of noise assessment you will need to carry out and also how to satisfy the planning application guidelines.

Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience of working with Local Authorities and would be happy liaise on your behalf with planning officers in order to assist in the planning process.

Need to meet deadlines with the planning department?

Good service and efficiency when undertaking a noise assessment to aide the planning process is our priority so we will endeavour to do our utmost to meet any time restraints and targets you may have.

Having built up a mutual trust with our many returning clients we would also welcome  new opportunities of working with architects, property developers, builders or private individuals alike in making sure that a noise assessment for planning is processed smoothly.

Our aim is to get your noise assessment submitted on time… and importantly to be approved first time!

Our Services Cover

  • Building Noise Regulations –  Noise assessments for houses, apartments – new build, conversions and for change of use
  • Environmental Planning – Noise impact assessments – traffic noise, railway noise etc
  • Industrial Premises – Noisy machinery, extractor fans, air conditioning units
  • Retail Premises – Shops, Restaurants & Fast Food Outlets i.e planning permission for air conditioning units
  • Night Clubs, Pubs & Bars – noise assessments for planning approval and change of use
  • Public Events – music festivals & concerts, wedding venues and sporting events


An acoustic assessment will include

  • Noise logging at designated areas
  • Analysis of noise data
  • A full acoustic report
  • We will also recommended mitigation measures if needed


We offer

  • Services throughout the UK
  • Competitive rates on all noise assessments
  • Firm & fixed quotations
  • Liaison with your local planning department
  • Fast turn-around from survey to report


Complete our Inquiry Form and get a quotation by return or  call us now on 0116 272 5908 to discuss your requirements.

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We have listed below some of the specifications you may need to comply with

  • BS 4142 – Rating of industrial noise, required to investigate the impact of a noise source that is located or is proposed to be located close to any residential dwellings. You may be required to carry out a day time or a night time BS 4142 noise assessment
  • PPG 24 – Environmental Planning Guidance, required to investigate the suitability of land for the building of residential housing (or change of use), taking into account any existing noise source such as  Roads, Motorways, Railways or nearby factory workings etc. Noise testing is normally carried out over a 24 hour representative period.
  • BB 93 Building Bulletin – School and College Acoustics. A document that provides guidance on acoustic treatments for School building design.  Typically, we would carry out noise measurements in order to establish internal reverberence of a classroom or a lecture theatre that it complies with building criteria and conforms to the above document.

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