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We supply noise control solutions in Manchester & throughout the North-West – NoiseAir Ltd

Noise Control Engineers – Manchester – Liverpool – Leeds – Cheshire

Noise Control Engineering – Getting it right!

Noise Control Manchester – As specialist Noise Control Engineers we offer a range of noise control solutions for all industrial and commercial applications… budgets. The control of noise, either environmentally or industrially is an ever increasing problem as new regulations become more stringent. Getting the right solution is paramount, as money can often be wasted by cutting corners and using unsuitable materials or the wrong design.


Noise Control – Practical Mitigation Measures

Here at Noiseair we have vast knowledge and experience in utilising the most suitable noise mitigation measures.  We will always consider the most practical and cost effective solution for our clients requirements whilst also offering jargon-free practical advice.

Whether it be a large acoustic enclosure, a temporary acoustic screen, a recording studio or an acoustic booth… whether you need to reduce noise getting in or breaking out… we have the solution!


Noise Control – Why Choose NoiseAir?


Coupled with our many years in the acoustics field our team of engineers have also gained specialist experience in a wide variety of  industrial and commercial disciplines. We are good at ‘problem solving’ in all mechanical fields of noise… a bit sad like that… but we love it!

Our Specialities

  • Industrial Acoustics  – Mechanical Plant & Air Movement
  • Medical Audiology – Audiology Rooms & Booths
  • Media & Music – Studios & Music Practice Rooms
  • Schools & College Acoustics

Our engineers are all Members of The Institute of Acoustics. Call us now on 0116 2725908our advice is both FREE and friendly!

Noise Control Manchester