Noise Impact Assessment Birmingham

Noise Impact Assessment Birmingham

Noise Impact Assessment Birmingham


What is a Noise Impact Assessment?

Noise Impact assessment Birmingham – A Noise Impact Assessment is typically a comprehesive acoustic survey which is often required for the  planning process . A noise impact assessment is often requested by either the local planning authority or Environmental Health Officer in order to establish any potential environmental noise impact of a proposed or existing development.


Why Choose Noiseair?

With more than 30 years in the acoustics industry we have a wealth of knowledge and experience of the planning process and our priority is to furnish our clients with a robust noise assessment (we don’t cut corners) in order to ensure the smooth running of the planning process.  All of our consultants are Members of The Institute of Acoustics and are directly employed by Noiseair.

Please call us to discuss your project on 0116 2725908 or complete the enquiry form, giving brief details.


How is a Noise Impact Assessment carried out?

A noise impact assessment should be carried out by a suitably qualified acoustic consultant and would usually involve collecting typical background noise measurements in the local vicinity.  Assessment would then be undertaken calculating any current noise impact or predicted future noise impact from either the proposals with respect to the closest noise sensitive receptors, or in the case of a residential development proposal, any noise impact from the local environment, including the local traffic network. Mitigation would then be  advised where appropriate to satisfy current regulations and requirements.



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