Noise impact assessments

Noise impact testingNoise Impact Assessments

Noise impact assessments may be required either because of an existing noise problem, perhaps from a noisy generator or chiller unit and  affecting local residents, maybe for a potential noise nuisance, such as a proposed building development or the installation of new industrial plant or  machinery.

You may be asked by your local council to carry out an environmental impact assessment for the analysis of noise, but if you’re unsure of the type of test, as there are several ‘standards and specifications’, then get in touch and we’ll be happy to liaise with your local Environmental Health Officer or Planning Department on your behalf.

Our Acoustic Consultants operate throughout the UK and we can offer a speedy turnaround from acoustic assessment through to the issue of the report.

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A noise impact assessment may be needed for

  • A proposed building development
  • New or existing plant & machinery
  • Chiller/air con noise
  • HVAC noise
  • Generator noise
  • Fan noise
  • Traffic Noise

We have listed below some of the widely used specifications used with reference to a noise impact assessment.

BS4142 The rating of industrial noise