Noise Survey Birmingham

Noise Survey Birmingham

Noise Survey Birmingham – We provide a bespoke, professional service tailored to our individual clients’ needs in all aspects of noise testing and monitoring. We operate in the Birmingham area and throughout the UK.

Whether you need a noise survey to satisfy planning conditions, an industrial noise impact assessment for new plant & machinery or a noise risk assessment in the workplace we can offer  cost-effective expertise and tailored solutions. Our acousticians are qualified and members of The Institute of Acoustics


Commercial and Industrial Noise Surveys

Noise surveys may also be required due to an existing noise problem such as generators or other industrial noise sources, causing nuisance to local residents. A survey may also be required for a potential future noise issue, such as a proposed industrial building development. If your development is close to a source of noise we can provide a noise assessment to support your planning application.


Road and Rail Surveys

Are you planning a residential development near a road or railway that will affect the future occupants? We can provide noise assessments to ensure you have the best and most cost effective design solutions to achieve the Local Authorities planning requirements.


Noise Impact Assessments in the Workplace

(The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005)

A noise impact assessment typically involves measuring the baseline existing noise climate, determining the likely sources of noise from the development, predicting the overall impact of the noise sources on the sensitive receivers in the area (often a residential premises) and providing mitigation advice where appropriate. Projects might include:

  • Industrial and commercial developments including delivery noise.
  • Noise from plant located at industrial, retail or commercial sites.
  • Restaurants and takeaways (A3 uses) with kitchen extract plant.
  • Noise from patrons of night-clubs, restaurants and bars.

Noise Impact Assessments are often required in support of planning applications.


Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005

Noise Survey Birmingham – Exposure to high levels of noise in the workplace can lead to permanent hearing damage for employees. This can lead to prosecution of the employer by the Health and Safety Executive and potentially costly compensation claims from the employees.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulation 2005 specify criteria for noise exposure, based on an employee’s personal daily (or weekly) noise exposure A risk assessment is required to assess the likely exposure to noise of employees and to compare the noise exposure levels with the action values.

NoiseAir can help with undertaking noise surveys at your premises including assessing noise exposure to employees, recommendations for reducing noise exposure in the workplace and hearing protection to be used.


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