Noise Survey Manchester

Noise Survey Manchester

Noise Survey Manchester – We provide a bespoke, professional service tailored to our individual clients’ needs in Manchester and throughout the UK.

Whether you need a noise survey to satisfy planning conditions, you are installing an air conditioning unit or extraction system, or you are applying for an extension to your entertainment premises licence, NoiseAir will provide practical, cost-effective expertise and solutions.

NoiseAir Ltd. has over 25 years of experience in providing acoustic consultancy services across the UK. Our acousticians are all members of The Institute of Acoustics. Call us for free advice on 0116 2725908 and let us assist you.

Commercial & Industrial Noise Surveys

Noise surveys can be required due to an existing noise problem such as generators or other industrial noise sources, causing nuisance to local residents. A survey may
also be required for a potential future noise issue, such as a proposed industrial building development. If your development is close to a source of noise we can provide
a noise assessment to support your planning application.

Entertainment & Nightclubs

NoiseAir will assist with applying for planning permission to open a bar or nightclub or you may have noise issues with your existing premises. NoiseAir also offer event noise management.


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