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 noise surveysNoise Surveys & Measurement

Here at Noiseair we carry out all types of noise surveys and acoustic testing and being an independent acoustic consultancy means we are able to give impartial advice and aim to provide the most practical and cost effective acoustic solutions.

Noise assessments are carried out by our own competent Acoustic Consultants who are all  Members of The Institute of Acoustics.

Our noise assessments are undertaken throughout the U.K. and upon completion we will provide a clearly written report, including our recommendations for any remedial work as appropriate.

Our advice is free… so call us now on 0116 2725908 for helpful advice and information.


Noise surveys – Our services include

BS 4142 Noise Testing (Environmental)

Is often required in order to satisfy the local authority when there is a complaint, or the likelihood of a complaint from local residents regarding the impact of an existing or proposed noise source.

For example:

  • Noisy plant & machinery from a nearby industrial premises
  • A roof extract fan or chiller unit from a nearby pub or restaurant


PPG24 Noise Testing (Environmental)

PPG 24 Planning & noise 1994: testing is often required when applying for planning permission from the Local Planning Authority (LPA) for a new development or the change of use of an existing premises or site where noise may become a consideration.

For example:

  • Road Traffic generating noise close to a residential dwelling
  • An entertainment venue where there may be concern of noise being generated from loud music close to a residential dwelling


BB 93 (Building Bulletin 93) School & College Acoustics

Noise testing carried out in schools, colleges and universities in compliance with the above bulletin covering reverberation and sound insulation tests.


Noise at Work Assessments

An employer is required by law (Noise at work Regulations 2005) to identify the exposure of excessive noise to their employees.

Whether a single machine or an entire factory where you will need to pinpoint a major noise source, we will carry out noise testing in an efficient manner, planning around your time schedules thus minimising any machine downtime & loss of production.

On completion we will provide a full written report including recommendations of any remedial work as required.

The Noise at Work Regulations (2005) gives a 3 stage action level as listed below…

Exposure limit values and action values:
1) The lower exposure action values are

  • a) a daily or weekly personal noise exposure of 80 dB (A-weighted)
  • b) a peak sound pressure of 135 dB (C-weighted).

2) The upper exposure action values are

  • a) daily or weekly personal noise exposure of 85 dB (A-weighted)
  • b) a peak sound pressure of 137 dB (C-weighted).

3) The exposure limit values are

  • a) a daily or weekly personal noise exposure of 87 dB (A-weighted)
  • b) a peak sound pressure of 140 dB (C-weighted).