Noise Test Coventry

noise test coventry

From left to right – the original plant room and the new acoustic enclosure incorporating acoustic louvres for condenser chiller plant noise reduction

Noise Test Coventry – Our client, a major food chain retailer throughout the UK, needed a noise test to comply with local planning conditions for the purposes of installing new condensers and chiller plant within an existing shop premises. The location being in a quiet village just outside Coventry and surrounded by residential dwellings and therefore any noise impact from new plant and equipment was of  priority and came under the planning conditions of BS 4142 and BS 8233.

BS 4142 / BS 8233 Noise Assessment

NoiseAir provided a noise assessment under BS 4142 and BS 8233 criteria, carrying out noise logging over a number of days to attain typical noise background levels in the local vicinity. Taking the background noise into consideration and the noise impact of the new chiller plant and condensers our investigations confirmed that noise mitigation measures would be required in the form of an acoustic enclosure with ventilation louvres to the new chiller plant.  

Noise Mitigation – The Acoustic Enclosure

For best results a full acoustic enclosure was designed to incorporate louvers for ventilation and to also stop overheating of plant equipment. The noise louvres needed to be specially designed as to not compromise any noise break out into the environment. Access doors were also required for routine maintenance and were also incorporated by installing acoustic doors to the same acoustic specification as the full enclosure. 

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Noise test coventry