Acoustic Booths – Special Offers

sound booths

Sound Booths – Special Offers

Sound Booths – A sound booth that not only ticks the right boxes for its acoustic insulation and but also for its professional appearance!

A very popular choice at a great price!

If you are looking for a cost effective music practice room then this booth is a practical choice. Unlike other booths available on the market, our booth is manufactured using acoustic grade  steel panels providing the acoustic mass required for enhanced soundproofing and performance.

The 50mm thick panel system has a high coefficient of acoustic absorption and would be applied when looking to achieve moderate noise suppression (subject to booth location and noise output) the clip together panel system allows easy installation and is lab-tested. Increased panel thicknesses or double walled systems are also available for higher acoustic requirements. Please contact us for details.


  • Our most popular booth comprising walls, ceiling, door and vision panel
  • Dimensions  1745mm x 2640mm (Ext) Can be installed into an existing room   SpecialOffer 2
  • Modular panel design
  • 50mm panel thickness
  • Lab tested acoustic properties
  • Delivered flat-pack
  • Easy construction
  • No conventional builders work
  • Includes fixtures & instructions
  • Other sizes available
  • Electrics/dado/ventilation/floor are optional extras


*Please note: would always recommend an acoustic survey to be carried out prior to purchase in order to confirm insulation properties of the host room to which the booth will be installed which can vary so much