Soundproofing Birmingham

soundproofing birmingham

Soundproofing Birmingham We provide a large choice of acoustic materials suitable for a whole range of soundproofing solutions. From heavy duty industrial soundproofing to wall insulation for a home music studio, we can advise on the best product for your projec

For Architects we offer a consultancy service to assist with acoustic design and specification of materials and products as part of a Sound Insulation Scheme.

If you are looking to specify acoustic materials for building construction projects, we would be pleased to help. We are qualified acousticians and members of The Institute of Acoustics.

As we are an independent supplier, the majority of our products can be supplied bespoke from our associate Midlands based manufacturing outlet to all shapes and sizes and to customer requirement.

Products soundproofing birmingham

Acoustic Wall Panelling

Steel panels – Steel acoustic panels are suitable for a more industrial application such as an enclosure or screen for noisy machinery. Also used for the construction of music practice rooms and recording studios.

Fabric faced wall insulation panels – Used to insulate offices, home studios, conference rooms etc. Can be easily used as a wall lining to an existing wall as an effective acoustic barrier.

Acoustic Raft Panels

We offer a range of acoustic raft panels, used for a solution to excessive reverberance and can be suspended from the ceiling of affixed to walls.

Acoustic Blankets and Quilting

Widely used as a cost effective acoustic screen or semi-enclosure for industrial applications or for sports & MUGGA pitches. can be used indoors or outdoors and offers. We offer a range of barriers for all budgets.

With the added layer of mass insulation our NC6 range is a popular choice and offers an excellent degree of sound insulation with lab tested acoustic data. This product is recommended if you are looking for optimum soundproofing that is cost effective and easy to install.

Acoustic Floors

We offer a range of acoustic flooring materials, from architectural acoustic tiles to rubber barrier matting used for band practice rooms.

Acoustic Doors

We offer both steel and wooden acoustic doors for industrial and commercial applications.


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