Soundproofing for Sports Pitches

soundproofing for sports pitchesSoundproofing for sports pitches

We have recently been in the forefront of many projects where our clients were seeking a suitable soundproofing product for their outdoor or indoor sports pitches and venues. We have worked with many schools, colleges and education authorities.

Do I need an Acoustic Survey?

Initially we are often requested to carry out a noise survey at the proposed site in order to get background noise measurements of the existing environment and also to measure noise levels from any sporting activities accurately. This ensures that any form of acoustic material proposed will offer adequate insulation for requirements.

A noise survey can also be provided to accompany a planning application that may be a pre requisite of the local authority. We have in depth experience of local authority requirements and in liaising with planners and environmental health officers.

Will I get an Acoustic Report?

Upon completion of the site survey we will issue you with a report which will include mitigation measures as appropriate. If mitigation measures are needed in the form of soundproofing materials we are able to offer a turn-key service from our associate company if requested. Many of our clients do favour this service,  however this is purely optional and the report will furnish you with all information to source alternative suppliers if you so wish.

Acoustic Blanket

Our range of acoustic blanket material offers the perfect soundproofing solution for sports pitches. Available in a choice of colours this product is manufactured in house in modular panels and so can be designed to any width or height incorporating a robust and secure fixing system.

The blankets are available in a choice of thickness, each offering excellent acoustic properties. All of our blankets have been lab tested by an independent research laboratory for their soundproofing performance and data sheets are available upon request.

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