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soundproofing manchesterSoundproofing Manchester – We provide soundproofing and noise control solutions in Manchester and throughout the UK. If you have a problem with any aspect of noise nuisance then we can help!

Our acoustic rooms and enclosures are constructed using laboratory tested modular acoustic panels and are available in various thickness, subject to noise levels. Often referred to as a ‘room in a room’ the rooms/enclosures are fully sealed and fixed together using a ‘clip joint’ fixing. Whether used for a small noise screen or for a new music room the panels provide a versatile and effective soundproofing solution

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Music & Media – Acoustic Rooms

  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Acoustic Booths
  • Vocal Booths
  • Drum Practice Rooms
  • Recording Studios
  • Industrial Noise Control

Industrial Noise Control

  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Sound Havens
  • Noise Screens
  • Acoustic Hoods


  • Audiology Rooms
  • Audiometric Booths
  • Paediatric Test Rooms
  • Audiometry Suites

Soundproofing Materials

  • Acoustic Curtain/Blanket
  • Acoustic Floors
  • Acoustic Ceilings
  • Acoustic Baffles


We Also Offer 

  • Acoustic Consultancy Services
  • Noise Monitoring
  • Acoustic Surveys
  • Noise Risk Assessments in The Workplace

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