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Studio Soundproofing UK – Modular Music Practice Rooms and Recording Studios manufactured & installed  by leading Noise Control Specialists.

Recording studio design & build and studio soundproofing UK is our specialty and we have many years experience in providing our clients with professional studios and music practice rooms. Many of our studios are installed in Schools & Universities all over the UK.

We supply and install music practice rooms,  acoustic studios & vocal booths … providing a turn-key service from initial design through to manufacture & installation. Whether a requirement for a commercial venture,  radio & media, studio suites for schools & colleges or a smaller home studio, we can offer the right soundproofing solution to suit all budgets.

Call us now on 0116 2725908 if you would like to discuss your new studio design project… from a small recording booth to  multi-suite professional recording studios. We’re happy to work with architects and  builders or directly with the end user.

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Modular Design Music Practice Rooms  (Room in a Room) 

The Benefits of a Modular Construction Design

  • Cost effective – when compared to conventional building methods
  • Modular construction
  • Easily assembled on site
  • No messy builders work
  • Lab tested acoustic specification

 The Features of a ‘room in a room’ Music Practice Room

  •  A fully isolated and sealed ‘room in a room’ construction providing excellent insulation
  •  Clip joint fixings – no conventional builders work needed!
  •  All steel panels – practical, strong & durable!
  •  Single or double walled design
  •  Easy dismantling, for relocation or for extensions as you need

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Want to find out more? Then give us a call on 0116 2725908 and we’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, complete the inquiry form over on the right giving brief details or a drawing plan  and we’ll provide a budget quotation for you.

Did you know?

The average live band playing will be reaching noise levels well in excess of 100 dB, which means that to effectively reduce the noise breakout you will need a specialist soundproofed room… a room that is acoustically insulated to a high degree.


What our clients say

Nick Hughes – Head of Music Department – The Robert Smyth School “Noiseair’s help & expertise in acoustic studio design has proved invaluable in our recent project to modernise and upgrade our music practice rooms, the finished studios have proved a ‘high note’ with our students”    

Ian Batchelor, Enderby, Leicestershire, said, “It did what we required, it reduced the impact of drum and full band practice to the rest of the household and also controlled the quality of the sound within the room.  A successful project that we are happy to recommend.”

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