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Acoustic studios and music practice rooms for schools & colleges are our specialty, whether it be a single studio room or a multi studio suite. We offer turn-key studio build installations and we are happy to liaise with architects, estates departments or end users. We can provide new studio rooms .or existing studio refurbishments

To find out more about installing our modular soundproofed studios please call us on 0116 2725908 or simply  complete the contact form on the right giving brief details, or a room plan and we will provide you with a budget quotation by return.

Our recording studios and music practice rooms for  schools not only are designed to offer an acoustically controlled environment but also these rooms must now meet the requirements of BB 93 (Building Bulletin 93), not the easiest document to decipher… but we can help!

Our studios

Our ‘room in a room’ modular constructed studios are practical and offer excellent value for money, call us for further information on our:

  • Modular Recording Studios (Room within a Room)
  • Acoustic Booths
  • Drum Practice rooms (Single or double lined)
  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Voice over booths
  • Video rooms

When embarking on installing new studios or Music Practice Rooms within schools or colleges it is critical at the building stage that specialist design is sought… far easier than trying to rectify the problems of a poorly constructed and insulated room that doesn’t meet standard!